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Monthly reviews of legislative changes, prepared by leading experts of SberSolutions, contain the most important and actual information on the effective and planned innovations in the scope of HR records management, bookkeeping and tax accounting.
February 1, 2021
Legislative Changes Review
January, 2021
Main events in January:
  1. The RF Ministry of Finance has informed the list of countries in relations with which the provisions of the multilateral Convention on Implementation of Measures Relating to Tax Treaties on Counteraction to Base Dilution and Withdrawal of Profits from Taxation have started to apply since January 1, 2021
  2. From 01.01.2021 residents have the right not to credit foreign and Russian currency to their bank accounts in the authorized banks when offsetting a certain list of services
  3. The Federal Tax Service has sent clarifications on the control over the repatriation of funds under export contracts and loan agreements
  4. The draft on new rules of the minimum wage (MROT) was adopted in the third reading
  5. The FTS of the RF has clarified the procedure for applying restrictions on the use of electronic payment facilities without opening a bank account which will apply from 01.07.2021