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SBER Solutions Regional Branches

Today, SBER Solutions has 6 regional branches employing over 1,500 people in Russia. SBER Solutions also has branches in the following CIS countries: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia.
St. Petersburg branch
St. Petersburg branch was founded in 2000 and was the first regional office opened by SBER Solutions. This branch provides HR, financial outsourcing and consulting services as well as legal support services. Ruslan Aligadzhiev is at the helm of SBER Solutions St. Petersburg.
Ryazan branch
SBER Solutions opened a branch in Ryazan in 2006. This branch is headed by Ekaterina Kalinkina. This branch provides HR and financial outsourcing services, including payroll and performance analysis (KPI).
Nizhny Novgorod branch
This branch is headed by Ivan Bychkov. The branch provides HR and accounting services as well as IT services and solutions which are developed and implemented to optimize business operations. The Nizhny Novgorod office was opened in 2012.
Tula branch
The Tula office opened in 2019 and is the largest branch of the company. This branch runs a TechLab Innovation Development Center and offers operational outsourcing services to financial organizations and small businesses. Natalia Sabinina is at the helm of this branch.
Novosibirsk branch
This branch was opened in October 2019 and is the fifth branch of SBER Solutions network in Russia. The first office of the company in the Siberian Federal District prospects and serves clients from both commercial and public sectors in the region. The Novosibirsk branch is headed by Tatyana Krasilnikova.
Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia branches
The branches of SBER Solutions in the CIS offer a full range of services, including financial and HR outsourcing and consulting services, comprehensive legal support to commercial organizations, as well as IT solutions. The head of the branches in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia is Erik Ashkenov.