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Solutions for the public sector

We provide a wide range of services to budget institutions of all types
Payroll, calculation of taxes and social contributions

Recordkeeping of settlements with debtors and creditors

Recordkeeping of employee advances
Accounting services for public sector institutions
Transfer of payments and recordkeeping of cash transactions

Accounting of transactions with fixed, tangible and intangible assets

Preparation and submission of accounting, tax, management and statistical reporting
PIK EASUZ and EIS systems support under Federal Law N 44-FZ

Registration (accreditation) in PIK systems

Drawing up schedules and plans for 8 purchases for 2020

Contract closure

Preparation of procurement report for small businesses and community-focused non-profit organizations
EASUZ and EIS consulting and support
Calculation of total annual purchase volume and percentage of requests for quotations as well as purchase from small businesses and community-focused non-profit organizations

Advice on practical procurement issues
Order preparation and placement

Support of contract registration/performance/closure under Article 93 of Federal Law 44-FZ

Drawing up procurement schedules and plans with subsequent registration in EIS, EASUZ and trading platforms
Development of HR document templates

Drawing up internal documents and regulations
HR records management from scratch
Drawing up staffing table, vacation schedule and other documents
Remote consultations on Budget Accounting Automated Information Systems Management

Database diagnostics using Technological Analysis tool
Support of the Universal Automated System Of Budget Accounting (UAIS Budget Accounting)
Generation of financial statements

Audit and rectification of errors in accounting and calculations
Research practice

Development of performance indicators

Development of performance evaluation criteria for incentive payments
Effective contract drafting and use
Drawing up Regulations on Compensation and Incentive Payments and Other Types of Material Incentives for Employees

Drafting additional agreement to employment contract

Advice on / development of performance-based contract procedure
Development and introduction of performance-based contract

Introduction of professional standards
Effective staff motivation system
Development of a performance standards system
Ivan Bychkov
Head of Nizhny Novgorod Branch
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Universities and colleges
Further education
Cultural and community centers
Theatrical and entertainment institutions
Cultural and arts schools
Out-patient clinics
Dental surgeries
Health centers
Social assistance, rehabilitation and adaptation centers
Children's homes and orphanages
Teaching facilities
Sports universities and colleges
Sports schools and clubs
Sports clubs and sports teams
Professional sports clubs
Stadiums and sports centers
Housing services and utilities
Sanitary enterprises
Public transport companies
Energy companies
International standard for certification of quality management systems in organizations and enterprises
International standard for information security management systems
Implementation of Sberbank Operational Support Target Model Program (part of Everest program)
9001 : 2015
27001 : 2013
First place in the field of outsourcing of accounting functions and financial consulting in 2019
Personal data operator included in the Register of Operators Processing Personal Data maintained by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media
Expert | RА 2019
Ratings and certificates
Holder of a license from the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control for technical protection of confidential information
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