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Ratings and certificates

Quality of SberSolutions services and Information Security Management System are confirmed by the results of numerous independent audits, performed by specialists of the largest and most respected certification authorities.

An international company AFNOR is the external corporate auditor of SberSolutions. This is one of the world market leaders in standardization and certification. AFNOR guarantees that each certificate was received on a real system, which complies with requirements of the international standard. In addition to external audits SBER Solutions performs regular internal and client audits.

SberSolutions services, business processes and IT infrastructure comply with the following international standards:
ISO 9001:2015
International Standard for Certification of Quality Management Systems for Companies and Organisations

ISO 9001:2015 Compliance Certificate

SberSolutions management system, implemented in all offices of the company on the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, complies with the standard requirements for the realisation of services in the scope of financial and HR outsourcing for commercial and budget organisations.

This certificate is a confirmation of high quality of our services:
  1. Availability of the quality control system, ensuring accuracy, completeness and timeliness of services provision;
  2. Compliance of the implemented processes with the requirements, necessary for SLA fulfilment (service level agreements).

ISO 27001:2013
International Standard for Information Security Management

ISO 27001:2013 Compliance Certificate

IT infrastructure, processes and Information Security Control System of SberSolutions comply with the requirements regarding organisation and performance of acceptance, processing, storage, transfer, control and access provision both to a client's information and documents, and to information and documents of the company.

The presence of this certificate shows that SberSolutions clients can be sure in the security of data, provided to us: maintaining the regime of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information for the clients, as well as compliance of the processes for data processing with the applicable laws.

International Standard for Operational Control

SSAE 18 standard sets forth requirements to the control of products or technological process in service organisations, performed during fulfilment of business transactions or after their completion.

SberSolutions is one of the few outsourcing providers in Russia, which started passing regular audits on compliance with SSAE 18 standard since 2017, and which receives annual reports on the results of this checking from the Big Four Audit Firms.

Quality of SberSolutions services and the Information Security Management System are confirmed by results of numerous independent audits, performed by specialists of the largest and most respected certification authorities.

SberSolutions performs 3 types of audits:
  • External – five times per year. They're performed by a specialized certification body. They consist of certification ones, on which results there's made a decision on the issuance or refusal to issue a certain certificate, and of inspection ones, which annually check whether the systems operate in accordance with the specified requirements, and whether works on their update are performed. Three more annual audits are performed by the Big Four Audit Firms and they include an assessment of existing operational controls (SOC1) according to SSAE18 standard;
  • Internal – according to the internal audit plans on a monthly basis. They're performed by internal auditors of SberSolutions, which task is to perform monitoring and control under compliance with requirements of the standards and internal regulations;
  • Clients' audits – on clients' requests. These are audits, organized by clients or partners of SberSolutions, which task is maintenance of additional control under the most significant and critical processes of a client.

What are the benefits of SberSolutions certificates for our clients?

A certificate for a specific management system, issued by one of the representatives of the Big Four Audit Firms, removes the need for the client to perform additional audits with respect to the service provider. The level of credibility to such a provider is higher and you can trust to the quality of its services with a greater confidence. Clients significantly save time on the choice of the provider, whereas while negotiating the terms of the agreement less justifications and legal formalities are required.