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November 29, 2022 | online

Webinar: Digital HR: efficient processes, getting rid of routine

Companies today are facing with the need to “reformat” their work, receive relevant information and clarifications. Under the new conditions, entrepreneurs are in search of practical solutions for effective business and explanations from experts on how to transform their work in a rapidly changing business environment.
Digitalization of HR processes allows increase the speed of creating and editing documents, optimizing the collection of necessary statistics, improving the quality of analysis of the effectiveness of the performed activities and relieve employees from routine.

Digitalization of HR is appropriate in all cases where a computer can take over functions that do not require complex intellectual work or empathy. Today, the transfer of processes to “digit” is not only a fashionable trend, but also a necessity.

How to most effectively implement the transition to digital processes in the field of HR?

On November 29, 2022, during the webinar, SberSolutions and MD Audit experts reviewed in detail:

Digitalization of HR functions:
  • national program “Digital Economy”;
  • effect of digitalization of the HR function;
  • practical experience of SberSolutions, a company participating in an experiment of the Ministry of Labor on the use of electronic documents.

Use of digital technologies in HR:
  • how to digitize HR working processes with the help of new IT technologies and eliminate routine manual labor
  • what problems business faces in terms of time recording and payroll processing
  • what global tasks the MD Audit time recording module solves and what are the ways to solve them
  • advantages of the MD Audit time recording module over analogues.
  • Kirill Krasovskiy
    Product Development Manager
  • Irina Tkachuk
    Head of Expertise Department, MD Audit
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