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October 20, 2022 | online

Webinar: Why expand staff? Outsourcing of HR processes

Personnel is one of the most valuable resources of any company, regardless of the type of activity. HR administration is an obligatory element of the company work, where it is extremely important to take into account the requirements of many laws and regulations. How to set up HR processes as efficiently as possible without expanding the staff? How to protect a company from fines during labor audits? How to optimize non-core processes and focus on the main business of the company?

On October 20, 2022, during the webinar, SberSolutions experts reviewed in detail:
  • Does more staff really mean more income?
  • Is it possible to expand the company staff without increasing the HR and accounting personnel?
  • What does an increase in staff entail: risks of reduction, possible consequences (fines, legal costs, compensations)?
  • Kirill Krasovskiy
    Product Development Manager
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