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March 22, 2022 | online

Webinar: New sanctions. What does it mean for business?

Today, sanctions take various forms and are regularly subject to change, which in one way or another affects different aspects of business activity. That is why companies need to receive up-to-date information and clarifications, be ready to adapt and act according to the established rules.
On March 22, 2022, during the webinar, SberSolutions experts reviewed in detail:

Russian counter-sanctions:
  • conversion of foreign currency proceeds
  • dividends withdrawal
  • payments to non-residents on the previously concluded agreements
  • payments from foreign branches and representative offices
  • work with loans
  • ban on export of certain goods
Work with non-residents:
  • return of advances
  • forcing deliveries under current agreements
  • transfer of court proceedings with non-residents to Russian courts
Corporate restructuring:
  • transfer of shares in Russian companies to owners in the countries that have not fallen under the restriction of operations
  • revision of business chains
  • Ivan Katyshev
    Head of Tax and Legal Practice, SberSolutions
  • Polina Medvedeva
    Chief Lawyer, SberSolutions
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