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Transfer Pricing Services

Preparation of documentation, verification and justification of prices in the controlled transactions
Controlled transactions
TP documentation verification
Notice preparation
Why choose us
Comprehensive expertise
Specialists in tax laws, finance and accounting
Availability of access
Required databases and sources of information
Proficient approach
Usage of international experience
(OECD recommendations
and BEPS action plan)
Data collection and automation
of a notice filling
documentation on the controlled transactions
Comprehensive preparation of
In terms of correctness of methods, calculations and compliance with laws
Verification of the previously prepared documents
Data collection and automation
of a notice filling
Preparation of a notice
Preparation of a notice
Our Services
Comprehensive preparation
Comprehensive support within documents preparation according to your business strategy
Summary of conclusions for the head office
Functional analysis of the parties of transactions
Choosing a transfer pricing method
Analysis of the comparability of the terms of transactions and companies
Benchmarking: analysis of comparable transactions
and companies
Calculation of the price interval and profitability
Calculation and justification of corrections
Collection and analysis of documents: transactions,
accounting and tax reporting
Documents verification
Checking the previously prepared package of reports for the compliance with requirements to transfer pricing documentation
Collection and analysis of documents: transactions, accounting and tax reporting
Analysis of the chosen transfer pricing method, comparability conditions
Checking the correctness of the calculation of the interval and corrections
Preparation of an opinion on the status of documentation, identified risks and recommendations
Notice preparation
Compiling and submitting a notice in compliance with the current requirements and clarifications of the tax authorities
Collection and analysis of documents on transactions
Data analysis of the Customer's accounting systems
Analysis of the possibility of automating data collection and filling a notice
Preparation and organization of a notice submission
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