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Accounting and Reporting Complex Support

Maintenance of all areas of financial and tax accounting, submission of reports and consulting in the scope of accounting performance according to the RAS and the IFRS

Why clients apply to us

Errors in the accounting, unrecovered fines from the tax authorities
Risk of quality loss in case of key employees' leave
Lack of monitoring of changes in the requirements of laws
Transition to a variable cost model for accounting and reporting functions
High costs for the accounting and reporting function performance (personnel costs, licenses, IT infrastructure,
IT improvement, IT support)

Increase of transparency for shareholders while working with an independent provider
Accounting of fixed assets, intangible assets and inventories

Stock accounting, finished products accounting

Accounting of cash and acquiring transactions, checking of cash documents

Foreign economic activity transactions and currency control

Accounting of settlements with advance holders

Accounting of settlements with personnel

Accounting of transactions on loans, accrual of interests, calculation of controlled debts

Accounting of factoring transactions

Accounting of transactions with financial instruments

What we offer

Accounting of receivables and payables, reconciliation with contractors

Preparation of statutory reports: accounting, tax, statistic

Preparation of management reports

Interaction with tax authorities, preparation of responses to requests, support within cameral and field tax audits

Tax audits support

Preparation and updating of accounting policies on financial and tax accounting, IFRS, consulting on the statutory reports

Registration of foreign companies providing services in the electronic form in the tax inspection, preparation of VAT reports
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