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Risks and compliance

The safety of your business is dependent on your employees understanding, among others, compliance risks and the rules of the game.

SberSolutions organizes compliance trainings from scratch, including:
  • Training programs for every department
  • User support
  • Evaluation of employee awareness of compliance at the end of the training
Covenant monitoring
Compliance training for managers and employees

Setting up compliance
Internal audit consulting

Compliance consulting
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Dmitriy Zhmaev
Head of Operations
International standard for certification of quality management systems in organizations and enterprises
International standard for information security management systems
Implementation of Sberbank Operational Support Target Model Program (part of Everest program)
9001 : 2015
27001 : 2013
First place in the field of outsourcing of accounting functions and financial consulting in 2019
Personal data operator included in the Register of Operators Processing Personal Data maintained by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media
Expert | RА 2019
Ratings and certificates
Holder of a license from the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control for technical protection of confidential information
SberSolutions advantages
Customer support in all time zones
Unique experience and expertise
Large customer base in all business segments
Professional risks insured
Portal service for communication with clients
Set of tools for operational management
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