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Series of SberSolutions New Year Webinars 2023

What will change in legislation in 2023? Our experts closely follow all updates in the federal legislation, regulations, requirements of controlling government authorities - the Ministry of Finance, PFR, FSS, monitor changes in the standards and reporting forms, submission deadlines, etc. Innovations will continue in 2023, and SberSolutions experts told about them in a series of the New Year’s webinars.
Webinar “Relocation peculiarities: labor relations, taxation issues”
December 13, 2022

Today, both companies and employees face a large number of issues and peculiarities of relocation. The difficulties arising during relocation are directly related to the peculiarities of the Labor Code. Article 57 the Labor Code establishes a list of conditions mandatory for inclusion in an employment agreement. The place of work is among them. Companies think over the best plan of action, and relocated employees are wondering not only about settling at the new place, but also about their registration and tax residency.

On December 13, 2022, during the webinar, we reviewed in detail:
  • possibility of maintaining labor relations during the relocation of an employee: action plan and risks;
  • migration issues of relocation: what to do with foreign employees and what to do for citizens of the Russian Federation abroad;
  • issues of taxation of relocated employees: how is tax residency determined, what payments are subject to PIT in Russia, when the tax shall be independently paid by the employee;
  • currency control: reporting on foreign accounts and restrictions on foreign exchange transactions.
Alena Kozlova
Head of Legal Services, SberSolutions
Alexandra Markina
Head of Labor and Migration Law Practice
Webinar “Changes in HR and payroll laws in 2023”
December 15, 2022

The coming year brings with it a number of significant changes for employers in the field of HR and payroll processing. What changes are expected for employers next year in these fields? How can you prepare for these changes now? SberSolutions experts told about the key changes that came into effect in 2022, as well as highlighted the upcoming changes and gave recommendations on how to prepare for them.

On December 15, 2022, during the webinar, we reviewed in detail:

HR changes:
  • change in HR reports due to integration of the PFR and the FSS (EFS-1 form);
  • a civil agreement and the right to receive a temporary disability allowance;
  • restrictions for working in passenger transport: new obligations of employers;
  • VHI for foreign employees;
  • new form of work record books: what an employer needs to know;
  • changes in the statistical reports.
Payroll changes:
  • integration of the PFR and the FSS: unified tariff of insurance contributions, unified maximum value of the base on insurance contributions, minimum rate of labor payment;
  • new unified reporting form to the integrated Fund (EFS-1);
  • unified tax account and unified tax payment for business;
  • new deadlines for payments and reports submission: changes on PIT and insurance contributions;
  • changes in the form 6-NDFL, RSV and a new report “Personified Data”;
  • changes in the form No.P-4 “Data on Staff Quantity and Basic Wages of Employees”;
  • main directions of the budget, tax, customs and tariff policy for 2023 and the planned period of 2024 – 2025.
Olga Olshevskaya
Expert Methodologist for Product Development, SberSolutions
Karina Esakova
Expert Methodologist for Product Development, SberSolutions
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Webinar “Changes in HR and payroll laws in 2023”
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