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October 18, 2022 | Moscow

Business Breakfast: Paperless document flow: trends and practical tools

Today, companies are faced with the need to “reformat” their work, receive relevant information and explanations. In the new environment, entrepreneurs are looking for practical solutions to run their business efficiently along with insights from experts on how to transform work in a rapidly changing business environment. The transformation of processes into “digit” is not only a fashionable trend, but also a necessity. Digitalization of processes, effective document management and knowledge of legal regulations allow businesses to save significant resources and avoid the risk of fines and additional costs.

On October 18, 2022 in Moscow, experts of SberSolutions and OSG Records Management held a business breakfast where they reviewed in detail:

Digitalization as a tool for optimizing back-office costs, using the HR function as an example:
  • national program “Digital Economy”;
  • effect from digitalization of the HR function;
  • practical experience of SberSolutions, a company participating in the experiment of the Ministry of Labor on the use of e-documents.
Archival processing of HR documents:
  • storage terms and processing procedure;
  • requirements of the current legislation to personnel documents processing;
  • effect from HR documents adjustment.
Mailroom (remote office):

  • analysis of incoming and outgoing documentation;
  • main trends in the document digitization market on the example of cases in various industries;
  • presentation of an electronic archive;
  • economic effect of transition to electronic archive.

Electronic and paper documents in tax accounting:
  • status of electronic documents, equivalence to paper documents and its conditions;
  • documents that are requested in a paper form - the approach of the tax authorities and development of practice, in particular: registration of business trips, expense reports, receipts of cash register equipment;
  • status of scan images.
Changes in laws on personal data:
  • expansion of the circle of persons who shall submit a notification on the start of personal data processing (now applies to 99% of companies);
  • new requirements for personal data processing policy and subject consents;
  • introduction of a new procedure for processing cross-border transfers of personal data.

Complex issues of taxation of incomes of involved natural persons: employees, contractors under civil agreements, self-employed:
  • conditions and risks of involving self-employed;
  • tax calculation in case of change of tax residency;
  • obligations of Russian citizens with respect to foreign accounts in case of relocation from the RF and back to the RF.
  • Ivan Bychkov
    CEO Adviser, SberSolutions
  • Alexander Kaprov
    Head of Client Relations and Business Development, OSG Records Management
  • Polina Medvedeva
    Chief Lawyer, SberSolutions
  • Alena Kozlova
    Head of Legal Services, SberSolutions
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