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June 10, 2020

The Russian government has prepared a plan for economic recovery

The project includes three stages, which are scheduled before the end of 2021, and includes both measures already taken and new measures that will help to overcome the crisis and restore the country's economy.

Our experts will help you understand all relevant support measures and select the solutions that are right for your business.
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The Government's plans in the field of taxation include, in particular, the following measures:
  • creating an ecosystem for the comfortable operation of entrepreneurs and SMEs based on a single digital platform ("one window"), including obtaining all support measures and paying taxes;
  • the transition to a risk-based approach in the control and supervision and licensing activities (a phased transition to a completely paperless interaction of control bodies and audited entities when reporting and exchanging documents);
  • reduction and simplification of financial, statistical and other reporting submitted by SMEs;
  • implementation of the USN-online information system;
  • creation of the Know Your Client platform on the basis of information systems of the Bank of Russia to reduce taxpayer costs associated with the implementation by credit organizations of the requirements of the "anti-legalization" legislation.
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