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February 17, 2022 at 11:00

Webinar «Digitalization of HR processes: Top 3 issues and solutions»

These days, it is no secret that digitalization simplifies HR processes, saves employees time and allows to better focus on business objectives. Interest in completely paperless document management is actively growing. Many large companies are implementing unified accounting systems and methods, and this undoubtedly affects HR functions and HR electronic document management (EDM).

Companies also must overcome internal barriers when they introduce such new processes as some employees do not understand and find it difficult to adapt to them. For example, some accountants refuse to change how they interact, lawyers advise against new developments, IT departments do not want to implement another system, and HR departments do not know how to work with this new system and are worried that it will make them redundant.

On February 17, Oksana Oleksyuk, HR Project Director at SberSolutions, shared in a webinar the practical experience of a company participating in the Ministry of Labor experiment on the use of electronic documents and talked in detail about how to resolve common difficulties such as:

  • The rejection of electronic interaction by employees;
  • Managers' opposition to electronic interaction;
  • Inadequate equipment for EDM.
Oksana Oleksyuk
HR Project Director