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October 15, 2020

CEO of SberSolutions Natalia Podvoyskaya spoke at the XXI Summit of HR Directors in Russia and the CIS

October 15, 2020 Moscow – Natalia Podvoyskaya, CEO of Sber Solutions Russia and CIS spoke at a strategic session about: "The new reality and new HR: the main HR challenges in 2020-2021." The panelists discussed the changes that are expected in HR and how companies can adapt to them. They also explained how to take advantage of innovative technologies and create a new work architecture, also addressing issues of organization and corporate culture transformation.
HR today is becoming a driver of changes in organizations, and the HRBP model is becoming increasingly relevant in a comprehensive and multifunctional approach to HR. The changes in the corporate culture towards even greater support to employees (wellbeing, balance, leisure, confidence in the employer in difficult transition periods) were also discussed at the session. Humanizing work is becoming a condition for effective operation of companies, i.e. balancing employer interests between employee requests for empathy and the need to maintain and increase productivity.

The issues of employee monitoring and the growth in the use of employee data generated great interest. "Monitoring is needed for sure. After switching to remote work, we introduced a monitoring system not only in our company, but we also helped many of our clients introducing it too. It is also important to build trusting relationships with employees at the same time as monitoring is not perceived in this case as "tracking" but rather as a standard tool used to improve employee performance," commented Natalia Podvoyskaya.

Mikhail Arkhipov, board member, HR vice-president at NLMK moderated the round table at the event. In addition to Natalia Polvoyskaya, the following people also took part in the discussion: Maria Golyandrina, executive director for motivation, training and organizational development at AFK Sistema, Sergey Saratov, head of HR department at RZhD (Russian Railways), Tatyana Terentieva, HR director at Rosatom, Olga Filatova, executive director for HR, organizational development and support at Vimpelcom, Liya Koroleva, organizational development director at Mail.Ru Group, Larisa Bodyagina, HR and organizational development director at Pyaterochka.

Sber Solutions is this year an official partner of the XXI Summit of HR Directors in Russia and the CIS which is scheduled for October 15 – 16 in Moscow. This summit has been for many years the largest event for HR managers from leading Russian and international companies. As a summit partner, Sber Solutions will hold on October 16 a round table on the topic of "Transformation of HR. Business vs. HR."
About SberSolutions

Sber Solutions (formerly Intercomp) is the first company to have introduced business process outsourcing in Russia and the CIS and is a leading provider of outsourcing and financial consulting services in Russia and the CIS. Sber Solutions serves over 1,500 organizations, including the largest Russian and international companies from all sectors of the economy. We provide accounting and reporting services, HR and change management services, as well as legal and tax services. We also provide advice on improvement of operational performance and offer back office outsourcing services, IT solutions, as well as security and business continuity services. We collaborate with global outsourcing leaders and are part of Sber ecosystem.


* SberSolutions was established on the basis of Intercomp Group which was founded in 1994.