About us
IT and E-Commerce lawyers
Legal advice for business existing in digital economics
Why people come to us
Lack of in-house lawyers specializing in IT, E-commerce and taxation in these areas
Expert knowledge and experience in implementing Russian and international
projects concerning legal and taxation support for IT and E-commerce products
Tougher requirements for obtaining and confirming the status of an IT company
and for inclusion into the Russian software register
We offer
Support for project financing

Development of shareholder agreements, memorandums of association, contracts with investors

Registering SPV companies (special purpose companies) for new IT products
Development of algorithm of taxation of SPV activities and return on
investment scheme

Legal support for monetization of IT products (agreements with
distributors, developers, licensee and customers)
Receiving the status of an accredited IT company

Inclusion into the register of domestic software

Search for and use of benefits for IT business
Interaction with the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Public Networks of the Russian Federation
Intellectual property issues

Registering trademarks and software

Support of disputes with customers and software developers

Registration of license agreements, contracts for the transfer of exclusive rights
Preparing documents for works made for hire, commissioning contracts

Analysis of taxation schemes of transactions with intellectual property objects

Support of disputes on the illegal use of the brand, trademarks, distribution of counterfeit goods
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