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Subscription legal services

Consulting services in contractual, corporate, labor,
immigration and other areas of law
Why people come to us
  • Complicated issues which in-house lawyers have no experience to deal with
  • Development of contractual documentation – contracts for supply, contractor work, service rendering, agreements for lease, sale and purchase of real estate, additional contracts and acts
  • Need for a second opinion
  • Representing the client in contract negotiations
  • Need to outsource part of legal functions to get some relief for the company's
    legal team
  • Contractual documentation review and editing
We offer
Claims and litigation management

Development of labor contracts, job descriptions, addenda to labor contracts
Consulting on the issues in contractual, corporate, labor, immigration and other law areas

Legal support of disputed dismissals in courts
How we solve problems
  • 25 years of experience providing legal support for foreign and Russian
    businesses in Russia
  • Working within a common information space together with related departments
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