My Intercomp is an online portal allowing clients and Intercomp to interact upon provision of services.

This portal provides clear, simple and secure access to a single data unit and data analytics on payslips, accruals, timesheets, business trip expenses, employee notices and vacations at any time and from any device.

This portal is intended to improve customer service and ensures

  • Standardized communications;
  • Prompt processing of requests;
  • Data security;
  • Client employees save time;
  • Cost reduction for accounting functions;
  • Convenience of interaction between client employees and financial and HR services.

Services in My Intercomp portal

Payslip distribution

My Intercomp promptly and confidentially distributes payslips within a company and offers convenient access to payslip archives with a detailed description of payments.

Service features and benefits:

  • An account for each employee: view, download, notifications;
  • Payslip archives;
  • Connection to information on accruals according to Russian law;
  • For manager: report on payslip view by each employee;
  • Compliance with Russian law on mandatory provision of payslips to all employees.
Expense reports

Online service to prepare, process and track expense reports.

Service features and benefits:

  • Single information space for preparation, approval and processing of expense reports;
  • Preparation of expense reports: adding costs, scans, multicurrency reports, checker recommendations;
  • Expense report tracking: notification per event, processing report results.
Timekeeping records

This service is used for maintenance and approval of timesheets. User roles are configured on the portal, and this helps monitoring workload, plan and work attendance.

Service features and benefits:

  • Maintenance of timekeeping records for all users in a single information space: maintain timesheets, view timesheets, reporting and print forms;
  • Integration of HR events from accounting system with My Intercomp;
  • Verification and approval of timesheets: check timesheet correctness, correct timesheets, check timesheet completion, verify plan/fact.
Statement request

This service is used to order the most popular statements at the request of employees: personal income tax statement (in Russian: 2NDFL), statements for banks, embassies and consulates. Employees and people from accounting and HR services save a lot of time thanks to the clear list of mandatory fields which are to be completed upon statement requests.

Service features and benefits:

  • Employees can order statements online: list of available statements, notifications at each stage of statement processing, status update;
  • Process regulation by clear requirements for completing fields upon statement requests;
  • Check the volume of statement orders;
  • Monitoring of request completion dates;
  • Number of requested statements for each reporting period.
Vacation schedule

This service ensures compliance with Russian law which requires that a mandatory annual vacation schedule be drawn up.

Service features and benefits:

  • Online vacation planning: application, vacation plan approval by manager, vacation notice;
  • For manager: convenient summary of all employees’ vacation schedule;
  • Integration with accounting system for the number of unused vacation days.
Additional portal features and functions:

  • A modern web solution which can be integrated with accounting systems, requires no installation, works in the browser right after connection, is available on smartphones, and whose functionalities may be extended at client’s request;
  • Our “single window” concept allows clients and Intercomp to communicate in a transparent, prompt and standardized manner. This feature also allows clients to communicate this way within their company;
  • Analytics for management – one-click data uploading and preparation of various reports;
  • Cost efficiency – the portal significantly reduces the time necessary to process requests thus reducing the fees payable for our services.