Trading companies value each customer and do their utmost to gain and build customer loyalty. This is a painstaking work which requires constant care and attention.
The retail industry is very sensitive to the introduction of innovations and strives for process optimization.
Our solutions for trading companies consist in providing reliable support of non-core business processes and assist companies in achieving new levels of business development.

Our services for retail
  • 1
    Payroll of any level of complexity, including payroll under civil law contracts and in case of high staff turnover
    - Total hours worked
    - Overtime
    - Payroll taking into account an unlimited number of work schedules, schedule changes
    - Automation of complex algorithms for bonus accrual based on worked hours, sales, employee hiring and dismissal
    - Drafting of report taking into account a large number of separate subdivisions, retail outlets
  • 2
    Processing of cash reports from retail outlet cash desks
    - Verifying whether primary and other supporting documents have been duly processed
    - Verification of data from cashier report
    - Verification of data from Z report
    - Verification of acquiring operations
    - Control calculations and actions
    - Period end closing
    - Monitoring changes in legislation on cash operations
  • 3
    Keeping HR and military registration records
  • 4
    Inventory of fixed assets and supplies
  • 5
    Reconciliation with counterparties
  • 6
    Immigration support
  • 7
    Automation of timekeeping
  • 8
    Recruitment of senior and middle managers, bank staff
    - a. Organizing work with staff
    - b. Keeping HR records