Not only the pharmaceutical industry has its own particular characteristics, but it is also highly competitive. Pharmaceutical companies also have to contend with external difficulties such as, the constant scrutiny of state authorities.
Our solutions for these companies consist in providing reliable support of non-core business processes so that they can achieve new levels of development.

We understand the difficulties that these companies encounter and therefore offer various solutions.

Great number of civil law contracts and their administration. Importance of compliance with anti-corruption regulations

  • Legal advice on anti-corruption and drawing up of required documents
  • Drafting contract forms
  • Timely payroll for employees with special schedule and working hours
  • Recruitment of qualified specialists for medical and pharmaceutical industries

Geographical distribution

  • Centralization of accounting processes through payroll outsourcing
  • Answers to employee’s questions through our contact center with no involvement of client HR specialists
  • Legal advice on selection of optimal employment forms and conditions for medical and sales representatives

Great number of business trips

  • Automation of processing and approval of business trip expenses, HR recordkeeping for numerous operations
  • Legal analysis before introduction of remote, home-based or itinerant work
  • Advice on allowances and rates for northern regions

Scrutiny from tax authorities

  • Multi-level control upon preparation and filing of statutory reporting under RAS and IFRS
  • Inventory of stocks and fixed assets, review and verification of financial documents issued under contracts

Constant legislation changes

  • Monitoring legislation changes
  • Support from methodologists for complex taxation issues
  • On-retainer advice on legal issues

Reporting on controlled transactions

  • Monitoring market price ranges for controlled transactions
  • Search for comparable transactions and comparable companies, profitability analysis
  • Preparation of documentation for controlled transactions at year-end