Finances and banking industry is one of the key areas of Intecomp’s expertise.
We assist largest international and Russian banks and support over 6000 client’s employees.

Our services

  • Payroll
  • HR audit and HR management
  • HR processes re-engineering, consultations on business processes optimization
  • Shared service centers: SSC project planning, SSC staff trainings, SSC operations support
  • Recruitment: dedicated recruitment professional with 10+ years’ experience within banking and finances industry, extensive database of middle and C-level candidates
  • Temporary staff provision
  • Assets inventory

Intercomp complies with all requirements of 152-FZ, 98-FZ, 149-FZ Federal laws on personal data, confidential information and data protection. At Intercomp, we monitor data at employees level, processes at methodologists level and irregularities at management level.