The representative offices of foreign companies usually have specific staff requirements. The key employees working in their finance department must know international accounting standards and speak at least one foreign language. We offer to such companies a solution which includes services, such as accounting and tax accounting, preparation of financial statements according to client standards (IFRS, US GAAP, etc.), HR management, payroll and legal support.
Accounting and tax accounting, preparation of financial reporting
  • Document and information receipt, verification, processing and storage
  • Tracking of outstanding documents to be received from counterparties
  • Review of corrections made to documents improperly issued by counterparties and client employees
  • Preparation of all reporting forms: accounting, tax, corporate, statistics, etc.
  • Monitoring of payment timeliness
  • Improvement of accounting processes, and proposals for implementation of improvements
  • Timely reporting of upcoming changes to accounting and tax laws affecting how business is done as well as the amounts of and deadlines for tax payments
Chief accountant services:
  • Develop and update accounting policies
  • Process highly specialized documents and information
  • Check the correctness of data entry
  • Prepare and file accounting, tax, corporate, statistical and other reporting
  • Represent client interests in dealings with state authorities and external auditors
  • Conduct reconciliations with tax authorities
  • Advise on accounting and taxation issues
  • Liaise with counterparties and employees on any accounting, taxation and other organizational matters
Payroll and HR management
  • Payroll in accordance with statutory requirements and client internal policies
  • Preparation of statutory and management reporting
  • Keeping of HR records – documentation of HR events from employment to dismissal interview, military registration, as well as health and safety events
  • Recruitment of middle and senior managers
  • Advising on software selection and implementation of accounting systems
Legal support
  • Advising on business legal forms in Russia
  • Advising on permanent establishments in Russia
  • Accreditation of representative offices and branches of foreign companies
  • Legal support of labor, tax, corporate, immigration and other law matters
  • Comprehensive support of small representative offices on special terms and conditions
What we offer

Thanks to our assistance, heads of representative offices and executives of parent organizations end up with more time to devote to business development.

Several of our units are involved to work with a particular representative office, and a project manager is appointed to coordinate this work and liaise with clients who also designate a single contact person.

Non-stop accounting functions.

When accounting is performed in-house, representative offices often face issues related to the discontinuity of work arising from staff vacation, illness and dismissal, but our services allow putting an end to these issues, as well as to the loss of information that frequently occurs when cases are transferred among employees.

Service quality control.

Our Audit and Methodology Department constantly monitors the quality of the services we provide. Our internal staff evaluation system, our processes built on the basis of quality management system (ISO 9001:2015) and our internal corporate university set up to maintain and improve the skills and knowledge of our specialists all contribute to minimize the risk of errors.

Guaranteed low startup costs.

Low costs are particularly important for representative offices especially in their first months of operations. It is from 20% to 80% cheaper to engage us part time than to hire full-time employees to fulfill the same functions.

Secure document flow.

Data are exchanged between Russian representative offices, their parent companies and service provider as agreed beforehand with clients. We not only draw up interaction rules and data confidentiality requirements, but our document flow processes also comply with ISO 27001 and SSAE16 data security standards and with Russian laws on personal data protection.

We are the only provider of accounting services in Russia which is audited and complies with SSAE16 information security standard of the Institute of Independent Accountants.

Assistance in dealing with Russian state authorities.

Russian accounting and tax accounting are full of contradictions which are not always obvious and require an in-depth knowledge of the law. We support representative offices in Russia from their inception, offer the best ways to liaise with state authorities and can even fulfill this function, which minimizes the risk of fines. Our professional liability is insured for RUB 180,000,000.

Systematic approach to support of representative offices.

We use our own accounting methods for small representative offices. We focus particularly on process optimization, operation standardization and work allocation among our specialists. We also monitor performance indicators on a regular basis.