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Payroll Processing

We'll calculate payroll and other payments for employees within the deadlines and without any errors, regardless of the company staff quantity and the applicable labor payment system

Why clients apply to us

The risk of internal information leakage
The need to implement and support control tools
High costs for maintaining in-house accounting and HR function
High costs for IT infrastructure and update of program software
The need to implement and maintain an internal IT system
The need to permanently monitor changes in legislation and rebuild processes accordingly
Calculation of payroll and other payments, including markups, bonuses, incentives, sick leaves, allowances and etc.

Payroll calculation in case of temporary disability

Calculation of insurance contributions and statutory reports submission to the funds

What we offer

Calculation of average wage within vacation payment

Calculation of average wage and determination of the base for PIT purposes

Preparation of the required payment orders and the whole package of payroll deliverables

Submission of amended tax returns

How we solve problems

Increase business manageability and minimize financial risks
Help reducing investments to IT infrastructure
Make the process transparent at all stages
Reduce costs of a function up to 30%
Ensure continuous support
Monitor changes in laws and ensure processes compliance
Constantly work under improvement of processes efficiency
Ensure data security
A prepared package of payroll documents, including a payroll register, a summary report on PIT and insurance contributions calculation

Payment documents for monetary funds transfer to employees, as well as tax/insurance deductions for transferring funds according to writs of execution

Pay slips

What you will get in the result of the service provision

Entries to the accounting system of the company

Preparation and submission of statutory reports in the electronic form. Reports to the IFTS, PFR, FSS, statistic and other types of reporting statements in compliance with requirements of the RF laws

Preparation of corporate reports according to the company standards
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