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SberSolutions has launched a nationwide free hotline for the organization of remote work
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On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the worldwide pandemic of
coronavirus infection COVID-19. Although the spread of coronavirus is changing the business climate for
the worse, making it difficult for companies and entrepreneurs, the financial consequences of this
pandemic can still be minimized if business processes are restructured quickly.

Many companies got their employees to work remotely, and employees may also submit to their
employer an application for remote work. What is most important in this situation is to focus on the HR,
legal, organizational and communication as well as the technological aspects of remote work.

Our hotline experts can advise on all the aspects of transfer of employees to remote work. We work to
keep your business as efficient as possible!
How to prepare documents?

How to reduce HR risks?

What cannot be done?

How to set up IT systems?

How to provide employees with the necessary resources?
How to build communication with employees?

How to brief staff and supervise work?

How to ensure business continuity?

Software for remote work?
How to effectively build a work process and organize work?

How to build communication with colleagues?

How not to lose touch with the team?

How to ensure time off work?

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Top expertise in HR administration and legal issues
Experience in setting up remote team management tools
Experience in coordinating teamwork for multi-site operations