Resolution of commercial disputes

    Collaborating with several counterparties is bound to give rise to disputes sooner or later. Some disputes are resolved by negotiations, while some others end up in claims and lawsuits in state commercial courts. We provide support for commercial disputes arising in various industries such as IT, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, oil and gas, FMCG.

Claim settlement

    In case of commercial disputes, the parties involved usually tend to exchange claims and responses to claims before going to court. Such procedure is now required even if contracts do not provide for the exchange of claims before going to court.

    Pre-trial dispute settlement helps saving litigation costs and keeping partnerships with suppliers and other counterparties. We assist companies at all stages of claim settlement starting from drafting contractual provisions, checking counterparties before entering into transactions, reviewing dispute backgrounds, analyzing dispute resolution prospects, drafting claims and handling litigation in court.

    We have become a strategic partner for many companies with foreign investments which require our services for dispute resolution.


    When disputes are referred to courts, clients need to trust their lawyer implicitly as well as their experience and expertise.

    Our lawyers provide support to clients involved in the following disputes:

  • Debt collection under supply, service, agency and other contracts
  • Protection of intellectual property rights
  • Real estate disputes
  • Tax and customs disputes
  • Corporate disputes
  • Protection of business reputation
  • Contract termination and enforcement

    Support of disputes involving foreign courts

  • Drafting arbitration clauses and jurisdiction agreements
  • Providing local support in case of litigation in foreign jurisdictions
  • Handling the recognition and enforcement of decisions rendered by foreign courts and of arbitral awards
  • Advising on conflicts of law rules and applicable law
  • Handling litigation in Russian arbitration courts and international commercial arbitration