As part of our legal support, we provide consulting services to handle any contract, corporate, labor and immigration law matters. A complete list of our regular legal services is available here.

Regular legal services we provide include:
  • Drafting contractual documentation (supply, contractor, service contracts, additional agreements, statements, etc.)
  • Reviewing and revising contractual documentation
  • Representing client interests in negotiations of contract terms and conditions
  • Handling pre-court claims and litigation
  • Drafting employment contracts, job descriptions, additional agreements to employment contracts
  • Providing legal support in dismissal litigation
  • Advising on contract, labor, immigration, tax and corporate law

To whom do we provide these services?
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Russian and foreign companies with no legal department

How do we provide services?
  • Our lawyers provide advice by email and/or phone
  • The number of consultations – whether in writing or orally by phone – is agreed upon with each client

Advantages of our regular legal services
  • Over 20 years of experience providing legal support to foreign companies in Russia
  • Our lawyers process requests very fast as they know very well not only the current situation at any client company, but also the background of their relationships with counterparties and employees
  • Various departments work in a single space, and this ensures that accounting and tax accounting are duly kept, as well as the completeness of information
  • Our fees for any services provided beyond the scope are calculated on the basis of reduced rates

If you would like to find out more about our regular legal services, please call, email us or send us a feedback form.