Competition for talent spurs employers to look for new ways to motivate employees and stand out on a saturated labor market while at the same time factoring in costs and staff’s higher expectations.

We propose emulating successful international experience and including round-the-clock legal support of employees in corporate packages as the provision of legal support improves staff productivity, adds value to employers’ HR brand and allows retaining valued employees longer.

Legal support protects the personal interests of employees and confers a certain control over daily domestic situations. If your neighbors have flooded your apartment, a store refuses to give you a refund for a defective product, scammers have withdrawn all your money, with our legal support no time will be wasted looking for a better way to resolve the problem: our lawyers will tell you what to do.

Benefits for employers

  • 1
    Including legal support in compensation packages is a new practice on the Russian labor market. Such practice makes employers stand out among those offering traditional corporate benefits and helps attracting the best candidates.
  • 2
    Employees focus on working rather than on finding legal solutions to personal problems.
  • 3
    Offering professional protection of employees’ rights and freedoms adds value to employers and reduces staff turnover.
  • 4
    Easy connection and use: legal support is available by phone and from online accounts on My Intercomp portal.

Legal advice

A 24-hour hotline with a free 8-800 phone number will be available for your employees who will be able to call a lawyer for advice for them and/or their family members. They will also be able to call an emergency service or find out about any possible restrictions when traveling abroad.

Written advice may be requested in online accounts on My Intercomp portal, and employees are notified of the request status by email. If additional information is required to provide an answer, a lawyer will call the employee or ask further information through the employee’s online account. Written advice is usually ready and dispatched within two working days.

Telephone conversations are also recorded in online accounts together with correspondence with lawyers, documents, and recommendations.

What is available to employees

Your employees will be able to find out answers to questions related to family, inheritance, land, administrative, migration law, as well as questions related to housing and utilities, consumer rights, loans and debts. Advice on business activity and labor law is not provided for the benefit of the employer.
Family law
  • How to draft a pre-nuptial contract and why is it necessary?
  • How to get married abroad?
  • How to establish paternity?
  • How to adopt a child?
  • How to receive payment from the state after the birth of a child?
  • On what could multiple-child subsidies be spent?
  • When can a marriage be annulled?
  • How to keep child custody after a divorce?
  • How much child support will be awarded by court?
  • How mortgages are paid after a divorce?
  • How is property divided in case of divorce?
  • How can the parental rights of one of the spouses be restricted?
  • How can one parent be stripped of parental rights?
  • How to restore parental rights?
  • How will the property inherited by or donated to one spouse during marriage be shared?
  • What happens when child support is not paid?
Inheritance law
  • How to draw up a will properly?
  • How will the inheritance be divided when there is no will?
  • What should be done when the inheritance deadline is missed?
  • Who is entitled to the hereditary portion?
  • How to challenge a will?
  • How to accept an inheritance?
  • How to decline an inheritance?
  • How to challenge an inheritor?
  • How to divide an apartment among inheritors?
  • In what cases can an inheritor challenge a rent contract?
  • How to inherit shares?
  • How to inherit land?
Protection of consumer rights
  • How to return a purchased item?
  • How to return an item purchased on credit?
  • How to return an item purchased online?
  • How to get compensation from a seller of poor-quality plumbing fixtures in case of flooding?
  • What products cannot be returned?
  • How to get a package holiday refunded?
  • What can be done if an expert examination deemed a defective product in good condition?
  • What can be done in case of poor-quality car repair?
  • Where to complain about the services rendered by a private clinic?
  • What can be done when an online store has not delivered the purchased product?
  • What to do upon purchase of expired products?
  • How to receive penalty payments?
Loans and debts
  • How to file for bankruptcy as an individual?
  • How to repay debt on receipt?
  • How to find out about ban on travel abroad due to debts?
  • How to combine several loans into one?
  • How to fix a bad credit history?
  • What to do if creditors demand to pay the debt of a deceased relative?
  • What to do when banks transfer debts to collectors?
  • What to do when banks foreclose apartments in case of mortgage debts?
  • How to challenge a loan contract?
  • How to fix a bad credit history?
  • What can be done when microfinance organizations charge very high interest rates?
  • How to get a deposit back in case of revocation of banking license?
  • Hoe to pay a loan in case of revocation of banking license?
  • How to get a loan deferment?
  • What to do when banks request the debtor’s payment from the guarantor?
Land law
  • How to document the purchase of land?
  • What are the restrictions for land purchase and construction by water bodies?
  • How to obtain a permit for private housing construction?
  • How to divide a land plot?
  • How to get approval of construction on a land plot?
  • How to privatize a land plot?
  • How to obtain a land plot cadastral plan?
  • How to draw a land plot delimitation plan?
  • Is it possible to install video surveillance on one’s own land plot?
  • How to formalize land plot donation?
  • What can be done in case of land seizure by the state?
  • What to do when access to my land plot is closed by a neighboring land plot?
  • How to join a gardeners’ non-commercial partnership?
  • How to leave a gardeners’ non-commercial partnership?
  • How to challenge a decision from the general meeting of a gardeners’ non-commercial partnership?
Housing and utilities
  • How to sell-purchase an apartment?
  • How to draw up an apartment acceptance-transfer certificate?
  • How to buy an apartment with a mortgage?
  • How to privatize an apartment?
  • How to get a housing certificate?
  • How to correctly value an apartment?
  • How to get an apartment under social programs?
  • How to invalidate an apartment sale-purchase contract?
  • How to get approval of an apartment re-arrangement?
  • What can be done when a developer fails to deliver a property on time?
  • What can be done when a construction company has gone bust before completion of construction?
  • What can be done when management companies send incorrect utility bills?
  • What can be done when management companies hire debt collectors?
  • How to split living space and utility bills?
  • How to set up a procedure for use of dwelling?
  • What to do in case of flooding from the upstairs neighbor?
  • What to do when neighbors are noisy at night?
  • How to evict a tenant?
  • What are the possible “pitfalls” in contracts for participation in shared construction (housing association)?
  • What should be included in a residential lease contract?
  • Can CCTV cameras be installed in my building courtyard?
Administrative law
  • What to do is my car has been towed to an impoundment lot?
  • What to do when stopped by a road traffic officer?
  • What to do if fines are received after sale of car?
  • What to do if a road traffic officer asks for money on the spot?
  • How to appeal against an administrative offense judgment?
  • What will happen if road traffic fines remain unpaid?
  • When can road traffic officers request a medical exam?
  • What should be included in an administrative offense report?
  • What to do in case of road traffic accident?
  • What to do when the police do not accept a statement?
  • How to record a road traffic accident without calling a road traffic officer?
Military service
  • How to replace military service with a civilian alternative?
  • What is the procedure for civilian service?
  • How to challenge the military medical commission results?
  • Who can be called up for military training?
  • What liability is provided for evasion of military conscription?
  • How to get a military service record book at the age of 27?
  • What are the grounds for military service deferment?
  • What are the military service fitness categories?
  • What are the acceptable reasons for non-appearance to call-up order?
  • What rights do conscripts have?