Doing business without encountering corporate law issues is impossible. Not only some tasks, such as annual general meetings of shareholders or change of registered address need to be handled routinely, but also specific situations, such as mergers and acquisitions, launch of a new business line, disputes among shareholders, and other particular corporate issues need to be resolved now and then.

Our lawyers have gained extensive experience handling very diverse and complex corporate issues and are involved in such projects on a daily basis.
Our corporate law services consist in providing legal support for various projects such as:

Opening of legal entities with Russian and foreign participation, accreditation of representative offices and branches of foreign companies in Russia

We also offer additional services such as providing registered addresses, negotiating with landlords, opening bank accounts, as well as drafting standard corporate, labor and contractual documents.

M&A support

Mergers and acquisitions require particular experience and in-depth knowledge of reorganization under Russian law. When we handle such transactions, we draw from our broad expertise in financial and legal due diligence.

Legal due diligence

It is always a long and complex process to select a specific investment object and investment strategy. We assist you to ensure that your arrangements are protected and that you invest in a reliable project with no risks. We offer not only legal and financial expertise, but also information security support so that our investment support is provided to the highest standards.

Shareholder agreements drafting

When setting up a new company, it is necessary to legally provide for shareholder liabilities to the new company and to each other. To this end, we help drafting agreements protecting shareholder interests in case partners fail to fulfil their obligations.

Corporate disputes

Sooner or later collaboration with managers and partners comes to an end. Sometimes this occurs by mutual agreement of partners, but in some cases this gives rise to corporate disputes that are so serious that they can result in suspension of corporate operations. The absence of a uniform vision of development strategy can also block decision-making (change of director, of bank signatories, approval of financial statements).

Our comprehensive support of corporate disputes includes pre-trial work, assistance with negotiations, preparation of arguments, selection of strategy, as well as handling of litigation in courts.

Corporate secretary

We provide support for compliance with Russian corporate procedures: preparing and holding meetings of shareholders, as well as preparing documents for change of director, change of address, change of activities and for approval of major transactions and transactions between related parties, etc.

Liquidation of Russian entities with Russian and foreign participation, closing of representative offices and branches of foreign companies in Russia

Closing down a business is a time-consuming and demanding process which usually brings to light many unresolved issues such as, for example, lost corporate documents, failure to hand over the register of shareholders to the registrar, problems with licenses, disputes with the director, undistributed stock balances, etc. Our experience handling such issues allows us resolving them before they can affect the liquidation timeline agreed with shareholders.

How do we help?

  • We involve financial and HR experts to quickly address and resolve corporate law issues.
  • We offer our litigation support where required.