The vast majority of lawsuits are due to the absence of agreements or to contracts that have been poorly drafted. We place high emphasis on agreement drafting and agreement negotiations because, if standard contracts are properly and professionally drafted upon business inception, this considerably reduces the risks of claims from counterparties and tax authorities.

Furthermore, the regular provision of legal support during the negotiations of agreement terms and conditions helps protecting client interests.
Our contract law services include the following:

Drafting of contractual documentation (supply, contractor, service or other types of contracts, additional agreements, statements)

It is essential for startups or new business departments to launch a new business line to devise a scheme for future contract work with suppliers and buyers, as well as to analyze its tax implications. Thanks to the experience of our lawyers, we can draft non-standard and mixed contracts for complex business schemes.

Legal review of contracts to determine whether they comply with the law and minimize legal risks

Managers regularly need to sign non-standard contracts whose content and legal risks are unknown to them. The safest way to work in such case is to involve a legal team that can help protect client interests even upon signing a contract presented on counterparty’s template.

Representation of interests upon contract conclusion and upon preparation of amendments to existing contracts

Remote services do not always guarantee the best results for client negotiations so our lawyers regularly attend client negotiations with landlords, business partners, suppliers, customers and contractors.

Handling of litigation for contractual relations

Well-drafted standard contracts regularly updated reduce but do not eliminate completely the possibility of claims from counterparties so litigation in state commercial courts remains a key area of work for our lawyers.

Termination of contracts including termination in courts

This is not yet the end of a project when contractors or suppliers fail to perform their obligations as we can help promptly terminate contracts with unreliable counterparties and enter into new contracts with other – more trustworthy – counterparties.

International contracts and legal support for their performance

International (cross-border) transactions require special attention and experience as they raise issues related to currency control, customs procedures, as well as international tax law issues. Intra-group transactions are also subject to special price control so pricing models must take into account applicable rules on controlled transactions.

Advice on contract law issues

We advise on complex legal issues of contract law and related areas, such as currency control, customs procedures, international shipments, intra-group services, etc.