Work standardization allows showing how efficiently employees perform their work. Using work standardization, employers can determine staff workload, how working hours are spent, as well as whether working conditions contribute to improve performance. As part of our work standardization services, we assess work equipment, work schedules and even meeting plans, and this assessment ultimately helps improving company productivity and performance.

As a result of such standardization, work is organized rationally and an effective incentive program can be put in place. Work standardization also ensures the transparency and accuracy of employee performance requirements, as well as allows reducing costs and optimizing staff structure.

We provide our work standardization services as follows:

  • 1
    We determine the company’s objectives for work standardization;
  • 2
    We review the standards, specifications and guidelines, internal regulations and job descriptions;
  • 3
    We conduct a review using work standardization methods (analytical, factorial, micro-standardization, benchmarking);
  • 4
    We process the information collected during the review;
  • 5
    We develop and get the prepared work standards approved;
  • 6
    We prepare recommendations for application and revision of standards;
  • 7
    We determine the standard number of staff;
  • 8
    We devise optimal work schedules;
  • 9
    We propose a new organizational structure and a new staffing table;
  • 10
     We work out procedures for staff layoffs and provide legal support in case of staff downsizing.

We provide work standardization services to companies with various work schedules and accounting periods (year, quarter, and month). We currently serve companies engaged in numerous industries, including pharmaceutical, construction, manufacturing and trade.

Optimization of staff number results in:

  • Better financial performance;
  • Optimization of personnel costs;
  • Effective allocation of responsibilities among managers;
  • Prompt response to change;
  • An organizational structure which has been set up taking into account business specificity and strategic objectives.

Sber Solutions advantages:

  • Our professionals. No need to incur any costs to search and hire highly paid employees to fill rare positions;
  • Projects from different industries. We have implemented numerous client and internal staff optimization projects;
  • Collaborative work between departments. Our clients benefit from the support of our professionals from different departments as well as recommendations from the methodological and legal department in case of complex issues;
  • Multi-level control system. Employees monitor data, methodologists monitor processes and management monitors deviations;
  • Monitoring. We monitor the work done over time and provide analytics as well as further recommendations.