Expert review of sick leave forms by Sber Solutions includes:
  • Evaluating whether a sick leave form can be accepted for payment;
  • Checking that all of the sections on the front of the temporary disability form have been filled in completely and correctly, in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Cross-checking the dates of temporary disability leave with employee timesheets and subsequently adjusting the timesheets based on the disability form.
  • Completing the sections on the reverse of the temporary disability form (personnel information – optional).
  • • Checking the calculation of the average salary and finding the most advantageous option for the employee (for forms relating to maternity leave and paid leave to care for children up to 18 months old).

The expert review process follows five steps:


Visual check of the front of the temporary disability form.

Sber Solutions verifies:

  • The information about the employee, employer and the medical institution
  • Period of leave from work, chronology of dates, course of treatment and the doctor’s details
  • All the signatures, seals and codes


Sber Solutions specialist cross-checks the sick leave form and employee timesheet and makes corrections to the timesheet if any discrepancies are found.


We compare the information in the “Social Insurance – Years Worked” section of the temporary disability form to the employee’s recorded duration of employment (optional).


Sber Solutions specialist fills in the sections on the temporary disability form concerning salary and the amount of benefit to be paid.


Sber Solutions specialist prepares a report indicating any temporary disability forms that were filled out incorrectly, with a description of the problems found. The report is presented to the client together with the completed originals of the disability forms.

Sber Solutions will ensure that:
  • All your temporary disability forms meet the current legal requirements;
  • The risk of the Social Insurance Fund refusing to credit already-paid benefits is eliminated or minimized;
  • You accounts department’s workload is reduced
  • You are thoroughly consulted about the completion of temporary disability forms and payment of benefits to employees