Our temporary staff allows reducing staffing expenses by 30% as well as tax reductions. It also allows focusing on priorities without spending money and time on administrative duties. The provision of temporary staff is intended to optimize processes for effective business development. 

We act as the formal employer of the staff we temporarily provide to our clients and handle all HR management and payroll, as well as withhold all necessary taxes for the staff we provide. 

A law prohibiting agency work entered into force on January 01, 2016 (Law FZ No.116). we were among the first to obtain an accreditation from Rostrud to act as private employment agency. We have been successfully providing recruitment services for over 20 years, and now offer top services in line with the new regulatory restrictions.

What is new?

  • Only companies meeting strict requirements may now provide this service
  • Temporary and permanent staff get the same wages and social security cover
  • Service providers and direct employees are both liable for compliance with labor rights
  • Temporary staff may be engaged in short-term and medium-term projects or to work from one day up to 9 months
  • Temporarily provided staff may not exceed 10% of the average number of permanently employed staff.
How do we provide this service?
  • 1
    We enter into a service contract for provision of temporary staff
  • 2
    We then hire staff to meet client requirements as specified in the aforementioned contract
  • 3
    All relationships with employees are formalized in strict compliance with the law once clients have approved employment conditions
  • 4
    A designated manager tends to daily client needs
Temporary personnel is required in the following cases:

  • Temporary absence of permanently employed staff (vacations, illness and unscheduled business trips)
  • Temporary increase in productions or provision of services (production peaks, seasonal sales, conferences, promotional activities)
  • Project launch and introduction of new programs
Sber Solutions handles and takes full responsibility for payment of wages, vacation, sick leave and social security contributions for temporary staff.