These services offer support to employees in case of dismissal, thus reducing the risk of legal complications which potentially could damage your company’s image. Our outplacement services therefore help protecting business reputation.

Outplacement is required upon:
  • 1
    Company infrastructure optimization
  • 2
    Staff downsizing
  • 3
    Fall in demand for services
  • 4
    Production line closure or transfer to another region
  • 5
    Liquidation of company or its branches
  • 6
    Internal restructuring
  • 7
Our outplacement services consist of the following:
Advice to job applicant
  • At least 3 personal meetings
  • Unlimited telephone consultations
  • Online communication for a specified period
Analysis of job applicant career path
  • Evaluation of career, key sills and experience
  • Analysis and briefing on labor market and labor market trends
  • Joint targeting of employers and vacancies
  • Assistance at all stages of job placement
  • Offer of practical steps to get a new job
Information materials
  • Resume
  • Recommendation letter
  • Cover letter
  • Interview thank you notes
  • Strategy and practical steps
Job applicant support
  • Preparation and correction of resume and cover letter
  • Assistance in finding new employer and contact persons in target companies, effective business communication skills and effective networking training courses
  • Preparation for job interview, preparation for presentation of professional experience and interpersonal skills
  • Detailed review of standard and non-standard interview questions
  • Preparation for negotiations of employment terms with employers
  • Assistance with direct application to employers and major recruitment agencies

Advantages offered by outplacement
For employers:
  • Your company’s good reputation remains unchanged and is unaffected by dismissed employees’ actions
  • Staff loyalty increases as your employees feel more secure and confident in the future
  • Your staff saves time as we provide support to dismissed employees
  • HR security remains high as the risk of appeal to court is reduced together with the risk of dissemination of commercial data and the risk of negative feedback from dismissed employees
For employees:
  • We provide advice and psychological support where required
  • We provide up-to-date information on labor market
  • We evaluate professional experience and presentation skills
  • We devise an effective job search strategy
  • We simplify job search by applying directly to employers on our behalf