HR records management is an integral part of employment relationships. This is a fairly time-consuming and specialized process which requires specific skills and knowledge, great diligence, accuracy and thorough documentation review.

A significant number of violations are often committed upon management of HR records so large fines are frequently imposed on companies following unscheduled and even scheduled labor inspections conducted by the State Labor Inspection Service and the procurator’s office. Proper HR records management and, in some cases, restoration of HR documentation are therefore required for regular corporate operations.

Errors in HR documentation result in inconsistencies between orders, employment contracts, electronic database, vacation schedule, personal data card. They also result in no or incorrect accounting of used vacation days and eventually in incorrect payroll, incorrect reimbursement of business trip expenses, etc.

When should HR documentation be restored?

When companies are listed to be subject to a scheduled inspection by the State Labor Inspection Service:

It is then important that (i) all HR documentation be fully consistent with statutory requirements for numbering, document dates, (ii) all documents for vacation, business trips, and payroll be duly drawn up, (iii) health and safety requirements be read and understood by all employees as well as be observed. Otherwise, the State Labor Inspection Service will file claims against and impose fines on the companies that fail to meet the listed requirements.

When companies have been developing for a long time and significantly increased their staff, but have not given due consideration to their HR documentation:

Either the HR department or newly-hired HR employee is unable to restore HR documentation due to the large number of staff and current heavy workload which do not allow checking the HR documentation issued in previous years.

How is HR documentation restored?
HR documents re-issued or drawn up from scratch:
  • Internal regulations;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Additional agreements;
  • Personal data cards;
  • Personnel orders;
  • Staffing tables;
  • Timesheets;
  • Vacation schedule, etc.
Preparing for HR documentation restoration:
  • Auditing of HR documentation by Sber Solutions or clients;
  • Compiling a list of documents that need to be restored;
  • Determining whether certain documents should be restored or not (expiration of document storage term, employee dismissal, etc.);
  • Reviewing the amount of work required;
  • Determining service fee;
  • Signing a service agreement with clients.
Restoring HR documentation:
  • Drawing up or revising internal regulations;
  • Drafting or revising templates for employment contracts, additional agreements, personnel orders in any form;
  • Restoring HR documents based on approved templates or standard forms for payroll, employee statements, office memos and other supporting documents;
  • Signing and cataloging restored HR documents.
Difficulties in HR documentation restoration:
  • Difficulties arise when it is not possible to restore some HR documents due to employee dismissals, change of signatories;
  • And when payslips, statements and office memos are not consistent as, in such case, much more time is required to restore HR documents.