HR and legal departments are particularly involved upon dismissal of individual employees or staff downsizing. Dismissed employees may provide HR specialists with valuable information about corporate life, and this information can sometimes be used to improve corporate culture and incentive policies.

We assist in getting this valuable information from dismissed employees with as few legal consequences as possible.

Labor laws regulate employee dismissals, and any violation of these laws is subject to severe penalties. Our lawyers ensure that applicable labor law is strictly followed upon dismissal of employees.

Termination of employment by an employer is lawful if:

  • The termination ground is provided by law
  • The employer complies with the dismissal procedure provided by law
  • The benefits and compensation set out by law are provided to dismissed employees

If employers act unlawfully, they will be required to defend their position in court. If an employee is dismissed in violation of labor law, then his/her employer will be subject to administrative liability, and the employee unlawfully dismissed could be reinstated with payment of average earnings for the entire period of forced absence from work.

We assist in:

  • Reviewing all risks associated with employment contract termination by employer
  • Selecting the correct ground for termination of employment contract by employer
  • Duly handling the legal registration of dismissal
  • Ensuring that a lawyer attends the negotiations with employee