HR professionals should be put in charge of developing compensation and benefits systems because these systems are one of the factors contributing to staff motivation and business success. Our HR professionals have successfully developed numerous compensation and benefits systems in line with market requirements and applicable law.


Compensation and benefits systems are developed by our HR professionals who:

  • 1
    Determine the requirements for the new compensation and benefits policy
  • 2
    Analyze business processes for development of a compensation and benefits system
  • 3
    Develop a strategy and draw up a compensation and benefits policy

    • Calculate the budget for staff costs
    • Develop a system of job rates, calculate possible bonuses on the basis of KPI or grading system, calculate regional wage rates
    • Develop a remuneration, compensation and benefits system
  • 4
    Develop bonus programs for different staff categories
  • 5
    Develop short-term and long-term employee incentive and retention programs
  • 6
    Set up a system for management of remuneration and bonuses
  • 7
    Draft any required documentation: regulations, orders, job descriptions