The relevance of compensation and benefits decrease over time so that they end up being less attractive to both employees and job applicants. When this happens, employee motivation drops, resignations ensue, and replacing employees becomes difficult because the offered package is not sufficient to attract candidates.

Motivation policies are not effective because, in some cases, incentives do not meet employee expectations even when they offer high financial compensation and benefits. This could result in possible decline in profits and drop in business performance, but can be avoided by conducting a timely evaluation of compensation and benefits and adjusting them where required.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of salary and bonus regulations
  • Analysis of employment benefits
  • Interview with current and former employees
  • Comparison of salary offers with average wages in the industry
  • Comparison of compensation offer with those of other market players
  • Assessment of compliance of compensation package with specified strategic plans
  • Report on effectiveness of existing compensation and benefits

Sber Solutions perks:

  • We accurately determine whether currently offered compensation and benefits are in line with market level and employee expectations
  • The confidentiality of client data is guaranteed under ISO 9001:2013. We keep the confidentiality and integrity of client data. Data are processed in accordance with applicable law.