Preparation of reporting under IFRS, US GAAP and other standards.

We convert reporting prepared according to Russian Accounting Standards into reporting under international, US or any other countries’ standards.

We use parallel accounting and prepare reporting according to RAS, IFRS (IAS), etc.

This process includes:
  • Setting up parallel accounting (mapping)
  • Recording business operations in accounting systems as per agreed standards
  • Preparing reporting
  • Advising on accounting and reporting issues
  • Advising on process customization for alignment of used accounting principles with selected standards

The following organizations are required to submit reporting according to international standards:
  • Companies required to do so by law (all public companies, credit and insurance organizations)
  • Russian companies considering financing sources from abroad
  • Branches and representative offices of international companies reporting to their head office

Intercomp advantages:
Top quality

Our professionals have gained experience from various industries and are constantly trained in our corporate university. Our audit and methodology department permanently monitors the quality of accounting processes, and our staff evaluation system and quality management system meet international standards (ISO 9001:2015). This allows greatly reducing the risks of errors.

Top performance

Our method is unique as we effectively implement accounting by optimizing processes, standardizing operations and allocating work among qualified experts. We also monitor performance indicators in real time.

Continuity of accounting process

Our accounting process is not disrupted by employee vacation, illness and dismissal, and there is no data loss which often occurs when cases are transferred from one employee to another.

Risk reduction

Russian accounting and tax legislation is complex and full of inconsistencies, and this gives rise to a high risk of penalties that could potentially be imposed by state authorities, or to additional requirements for the recruitment of qualified specialists and for the monitoring of accounting.


We get workflow diagrams, requirements for data confidentiality and rules of interaction approved by our clients so that documents and data are exchanged in accordance with each individual client and in compliance with ISO 27001 and SSAE16 data security standards. Intercomp is the only company in Russia which follows an inspection schedule and whose data security is audited according to industry standard SSAE16 set out by the Institute of Independent Accountants and SOC 2 standard.