We provide professional support to companies subject to desk or field tax audits.

To prepare for tax audits, we review our clients’ accounting policy, signed contracts and check whether primary documentation was duly drawn up, whether tax rates and deductions were duly applied, as well as the completeness and accuracy of documentary proof of income and expenses. We also check the correctness and timeliness of insurance contribution payments, etc.

Our support ensures that the least inconvenience is caused by tax audits and minimizes the risk of penalties.

In case of field audit, we provide the following services:
  • Advise on the procedure and timeline for tax audits
  • Prepare the documents and information requested by state authorities
  • Explain submitted calculations to the service for clarification of tax calculations and payments
  • Prepare objections to tax audit report
  • Appeal against the decisions rendered by tax authorities following their audits
  • Protect client interests in the event of imposition of penalties