Companies operating in a highly competitive environment are increasingly seeking new ways that would give them an edge over their competitors, in particular, by improving the performance of all their divisions. It is not usually very difficult to describe the business processes of accounting departments, as well as standardize and optimize their work. Monitoring their performance in real time is also fairly easy, but there are very few specialists who are able to complete these tasks as they require not only an in-depth knowledge of accounting and taxation, but also the ability to describe and standardize processes. Accounting services are our core activities so we pay great attention to our performance in providing these services.

“Effective Accounting Department” is a comprehensive solution for evaluating the performance of an organization and its accounting department based on our own method “Intercomp Optimizer” that we have developed over 20 years. We use this method to evaluate the performance of accounting departments and optimize their work.

We implement our Effective Accounting Department solution as follows:
  • Our experts examine the particular accounting department under review and assess its structure, as well as the accounting department employees’ workload. The subsequent review of detailed questionnaires show, for example, whether employees are sufficiently qualified for their job, whether additional training is required, whether work should be reallocated among specialists, as well as each employee’s actual workload.
  • We then compare the results obtained with our best practices.
  • We offer recommendations for optimization of the work performed by the accounting department under review.
  • Additionally, we could also introduce a system recording the hours worked and monitor the accounting department performance on a permanent basis.

Our recommendations for optimization of the work performed by accounting departments include:

  • A list of accounting and tax accounting operations;
  • Regulations;
  • Optimal structure and staff number;
  • Recommendations for work time recording;
  • KPI;
  • Method for long-term performance monitoring.
These recommendations help increasing the productivity of accounting departments and keeping them at their highest level either with our assistance or on their own.

If you would like to find out more about our Effective Accounting Department solution, please contact us by phone or send a feedback form.