Professional advice on accounting and taxation allows not only getting prompt answers to very specialized and complex questions arising in the course of financial and business activities, but also making the right management decisions at the right time.

We are pleased to offer our accounting and taxation expertise to assist our clients.

Our advice on accounting and taxation includes the following:
  • Review of the main points of the situation at hand;
  • Analysis of the situation from an international and Russian law standpoint. When laws are unclear, review of the official positions held by the Russian Ministry of Finance, tax and other state authorities, as well as court practice;
  • Submission of our position on the reviewed issues. In case of legal uncertainties, risks and possible solutions are outlined in a final report.

We advise companies as follows:
    You can request advice either by phone or by filling out a form on our website.

    We are pleased to offer consulting services on a one-off or retainer basis.

    All answers prepared by our professionals are sent in writing to your company’s designated contact person.