It is often a difficult task for international or Russian companies with many offices to process expense reports as they need to handle a lot of business travels. Often documents are not handed over or when sent by postal mail, received late, and when they are received in due time, they are sometimes improperly drawn up. Signing and approval procedures are not always followed and replaced with questionable practices.

Outsourcing the processing of expense reports to Sber Solutions allows significantly reducing the cost, labor and, most importantly, time spent on this process.

Our solution is intended for:
  • Companies with many branches in different countries and cities;
  • Companies using representatives as sales channels.

Our services for processing of expense reports include:
  • Verifying the completeness and correctness of expense reports;
  • Recording relevant information in accounting and tax accounting;
  • Checking payments under expense reports;
  • Liaising with the persons who have submitted expense reports;
  • Preparing inclusion in income notices;
  • Recording corporate card spending;
  • Determining whether expense reports were submitted in due time and whether payments under expense reports were made in due time;
  • Monitoring changes to the laws on processing of expense reports.

How do we help?
  • Expense reports are duly processed in a timely manner
  • The accounting department’s risks and costs are reduced
  • Performance is improved by optimizing processes, standardizing operations and applying an internal methodology that we have developed over many years