We offer our “Cashier Reports” solution to retail companies with a great number of geographically distributed points of sale regardless of their trade, be it clothing, food, medical products, etc.

Our services for processing of cashier reports include all the tasks necessary to verify the completeness and correctness of reports, as well as recording relevant information from the reports in client accounting system.

Our services for processing of cashier reports include:
  • Verifying whether primary and other supporting documents have been correctly processed;
  • Checking cashier reports;
  • Checking Z-report data;
  • Checking acquiring operations;
  • Checking calculations;
  • Closing period;
  • Monitoring changes to the laws on cashier operations;
  • Training and advising retail outlet cashiers.

How do we help?
  • Chief accountants have more time to tend to strategic tasks
  • The cost of report processing is reduced
  • Issued reports are guaranteed to be of high quality
  • The risk of poor quality report processing is reduced as a result of development and compliance with interaction rules, workflow diagrams and work instructions