When a company is in its active growth phase, it is not always possible for management to tend to business support processes, such as accounting and tax accounting as chief accountants and financial directors need at that time to resolve many strategically important issues. Although accounting and tax accounting are routine operations, they nonetheless require a lot of attention from management so outsourcing these support processes makes sense as this frees up time for management to handle more important issues.

Accounting and tax accounting may also be outsourced to support companies in case of dismissal, illness or any other circumstances preventing in-house accountants to perform their duties.

These services are particularly helpful when companies seek to optimize the performance of their accounting department. In such case, Sber Solutions professionals share their experience and help putting in place effective accounting.

Sber Solutions accounting and tax accounting services include the following:
  • Accounting of fixed and intangible assets;
  • Accounting of cash and non-cash payments;
  • Accounting of settlements with suppliers and contractors, buyers and customers;
  • Processing of expense reports;
  • Etc.