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Why people come to us
It is necessary to identify and assess the risks
A detailed specialist opinion is required
Promptness is required
In receiving another opinion here and now
of expertise
In highly professional matters
Take the load off the internal service
Or temporarily replace an employee

Types of consultations

Employees formal onboarding
Remote, benefit-entitled categories and foreigners
Dismissal of employees
During reorganization or liquidation of a legal entity
No employees
Business trips, sick leaves, vacations, absenteeism
Employment Record
BooksIssues of preparation of paper employment record books, transition to electronic ones
Submission of personnel reports
In accordance with current legislation
Consultations on personnel issues
Labour remuneration
Premiums, coefficients, weekend work and overtime
Transition to personnel EDF
Сonsultations on transfer of document flow to electronic form
Layoffs and downtime
Risk-free formalizing of downtime, part-time employment and layoffs
Scheduled inspections
State Labour Inspectorate, Prosecutor's office, Social Fund of Russia, Military commissar's office
Minimize risks in complex personnel issues
Military registration
Issues of registration of an organization and employees
Consultant's average time per response
2 h.
Elaboration of contracts
Сomplex transaction structures
Assets verification
Real estate, equipment, including for M&A transactions
Support for non-residents
Opening accounts, branches, representative offices, obtaining TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number)
Disputes with employees
Disputed dismissals, mass layoffs
Expert appraisal of contracts
Termination, change of terms and conditions, disagreement protocols
Use the support when you really need it
Arbitration courts
Managing disputes, including with investors
Benefits for business
Checking the possibility of obtaining, collecting and submitting documents
Corporate procedures
Changing address, head, updating constituent documents
Consultations on real estate
Risks of loss of ownership, lease, compliance with the purpose of use and category of an object, presence of hidden restrictions and encumbrances
Liquidation and closure of business
Support for the closure of companies, representative offices and branches of foreign companies in the Russian Federation
Brief consultation
by e-mail
3 h.
A detailed opinion on the contractor's form
7 h.
Approval and coordination of transactions
Including financial ones
Consultations on various law branches
Tax support measures
Consultations and explanations of nuances
Analysis of tax risks
In complex transactions
Double taxation
Application of benefits under international treaties
Tax analysis of assets
In M&A transactions
Analysis of consequences
Consequences of transactions with securities and financial instruments
Get tax risk assessment and detailed explanations
Tax issues during relocations
Support for companies and employees
Intra-group transactions
Analysis and reduction of tax risks
Transfer pricing (TP)
Development of documentation and policies, analysis of selected mechanisms
CFC (Controlled Foreign Company) taxation
Reporting and tax calculation
Tax audits
Drafting objections, complaints, litigations
Brief consultation
by e-mail
3 h.
A detailed opinion on the contractor's form
7 h.
Consultations and projects in the field of taxation
Exclude errors in accounting — address experts
Express accounting analysis
Correctness of tax calculation
Completeness of accounting
Risk analysis
Consultant’s average time per response
3 h.
Other services
Preparation of statements according to IFRS
Consolidated Financial Statements (CFS)
Calculation of bank covenants
Choosing a tax regime
Expert appraisal of contracts
Benefits, subsidies, grants
Accounting policy development
Elaboration of document templates
Consultations on foreign economic activities accounting, marketplaces
Consultations on bookkeeping and tax accounting
IT and information security projects
Ensure protection of sensitive and personal data*
Average time spent on project implementation
100 h.
*Confidential company data most sensitive to interference and damage by third parties
Internal security analysis
Identification of shortcomings that allow attacks on information systems by an internal intruder
Penetration testing by means of social engineering
Carry out an attack on company employees through e-mail, phishing scam letters and/or creating fictitious websites
External security analysis of the official website and infrastructure
Checks to find and exploit vulnerabilities at the network and application levels
Wireless network security analysis
Identifying shortcomings in using access points and Wi-Fi client devices, as well as in the architecture and organization of wireless access
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