Most CEOs base their decisions about salaries on the official statistics, reports by major consulting companies or job search websites. The official statistics is greatly affected by the peculiarities of the public sector, annual reviews by consulting companies are released months after the reporting period (hence, the results quickly become obsolete), and the websites data is based on the expected salary or the job postings that don’t show the actual amount of the salary.

Intercomp understands the importance of applying accurate and relevant information about the level of remuneration in company’s decision-making: our survey is based only on the data collected in the process of providing payroll services to our clients, including the calculation of monthly payrolls.

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The survey will give you:
  • Statistical data on different levels of remuneration for various job positions;
  • data on the structure of remuneration for different job positions;
  • analysis of the new trends in structuring employee remuneration;
  • analysis of the new trends in structuring employee remuneration.

To whom and when is this review relevant?

This review is relevant to company directors, HR directors and finance departments when they make decisions concerning:

  • HR matters;
  • budgeting;
  • the opening of a new business and additional subdivisions;
  • disputes with employees on payment amounts and compensation packages.

Report extract:
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Opening of a subdivision in a new region

When a subdivision is opened in a new region, it is necessary to set the salary amounts for the employees of the subdivision in the new region, as well as the composition of the compensation package. In this case, it is necessary to take into account industry trends as well as the particularities of the region.

Our solution: reviewing the data on the relevant industry and region in which the new subdivision will be opened, as well as the data on the positions to be filled in the subdivision.

Average data are provided for the last 3 / 6 / 12 months broken down into salary / compensation package.

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Pay rise

HR departments need to decide on the amount of annual salary increase: they need to decide whether or not to increase salaries. If so, they also need to decide on the amount of salary increase. To do so, they need to take into account industry trends.

Our solution: considering the salary increase amount for the preceding year (if any) and devising a plan for salary increase for the current year.

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