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We will provide comprehensive legal support in the field of tax, labor, contract and corporate law.

Legal and tax support

Our ratings and certificates
based on the 2022 and 2023 rating results
Labor and migration law
Real estate, land, building
Arbitration proceedings
Agro-industrial complex and agriculture
Corporate law / mergers and takeovers
Tax consulting and disputes
based on the 2022 rating results
Arbitration proceedings
Resolution of corporate disputes

Entrust us with solving complex issues

  • We will develop a local normative act
  • We will draw up an employment contract
  • We will help you with a disputed dismissal
  • We will manage disputes with employees
  • We will draw up contracts and provide document support
  • Protocols of disagreements
  • Consequences of withdrawal from a contract
  • Negotiations support
Contract law
Labor law
  • We will assess tax risks
  • We will consult on taxation
  • We will respond to the requests of tax authorities
  • We will resolve intra-group issues
Tax law
  • We will support opening of business in Russia or Kazakhstan
  • We will carry out merger and takeover transactions
  • We will help to carry out complex reorganization and liquidation
  • We will develop and amend constituent documents
  • We will settle disputes between shareholders and management
  • We will assess prospects of court cases
  • We will prepare claim documents
  • We will accompany the legal process and protect your interests in court
  • We will ensure the execution of the court's decision
Corporate law
Legal representation in court

Professional support in separate projects

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Are you a client of SberSolutions?
The services of outsourcing lawyers are requested in order to:
  • not be distracted from the main activities by solving legal problems;
  • optimize legal support, reduce costs or improve the quality of legal support;
  • give the legal department additional resources if it is overloaded;
  • get expert help in highly specialized or complex issues;
  • reduce financial, legal and reputational risks;
  • get services of expensive highly specialized lawyers without employing them and increasing payroll budget.