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Comprehensive assessment of tax risks and protection of business from tax claims

Tax law

Why people come to us

Highly specialized lawyers in tax law
A unique combination of tax consulting experience and work in tax consulting and audit companies
Managing of disputes with a tax authority
We are able to help clients in pre-trial and judicial proceedings in disputes with the Federal Tax Service
We additionally involve staff methodologists on bookkeeping and tax accounting issues

Professional support in complex issues

Interaction with the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate
Development of a communication strategy with tax authorities
Preparation of responses to requirements, development of templates and instructions
Preparation for conducting and support of tax audits
Pre-trial and judicial settlement of tax disputes
Consultations on current activities
Issues of calculating income tax, VAT, property tax
Avoidance of double taxation Application of international treaties
Taxation of electronic services and license payments
Currency legislation and currency control
Tax issues during relocations
Personal taxes, income from securities transactions and incentive programs
M&A transactions (merger and takeover)
Tax analysis of contracts
Support at all stages from preliminary analysis to closure of the transaction
State benefits
Search, application and formalization of suitable benefits and subsidies
Support of foreign assets
Analysis and support of investment programs
Intra-group issues
Account reporting and income declaration
Uncontrolled intra-group transactions
Analysis and optimization of the personal assets structure
Legal audit of tax risks, preparation of a transaction Defense File
Preparation of notifications and analysis of CFC (Controlled Foreign Company) reports
Risk assessment in the payment of passive income (dividends, royalties, %, etc.)
Transfer pricing, controlled transactions

pricing services

For the correctness of methods, calculations and compliance with legislation
Documentation inspection
Data collection and automation of filling out notifications
Notification preparation
Complex documents preparation
Search for benefits and business support measures
Assistance to SMEs, large and medium-sized businesses in the search and registration of benefits
Get advice from SberSolutions specialists
Consulting and preparation of reporting on CFC and foreign accounts
Professional support for owners of controlled foreign companies and accounts
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Answers to frequently asked questions
We offer support from tax experts, which will reduce the chance of tax claims, as well as help to prepare responses to existing claims.

SberSolutions experts help to legally save on taxes, effectively resolve existing conflicts, and avoid new pre-trial and court proceedings in the field of taxes.

These are the purposes for which we are approached:

  • to conduct an assessment of tax risks and get advice on how to manage them;
  • to prepare for interaction with the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate – to organize expert support during tax audits or during disputes with the tax inspectorate;
  • to find opportunities for pre-trial settlement of tax disputes;
  • to choose and apply state benefits correctly;
  • to get expert advice or prepare documentation on a complex issue (transfer pricing, foreign assets, etc.).