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Labor law

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An expert examination is required
Lack of labor law lawyers on staff
Help HR
Update the forms of documents, local normative acts
Focus on the profile function
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Services provided in the field of labor law


Working hours of the team of lawyers and methodologists to solve daily issues
Development and implementation of local normative acts, regulations and forms of labor documents for risk-free personnel management
Project types
Pre-trial and judicial work
Protection of employers in labor disputes with current and former employees
Employment contract
Individual development and verification of the current form
Remote work
Personnel documents for remote employees
Job description
Formalize relationships with an employee to avoid mutual claims
Highly skilled professionals and foreign employees
Preparation of work permits and work visas
Working hours
Documentary fund for working time management
Personal data
Checking and updating the policy on working with employees' project documentation
Disputed dismissal and agreement
Firing employees within a given budget without the resulting risks
Relocation of employees
Formalization and resolution of tax issues
Salary indexation
Position development and mechanism selection
Mass layoffs and downtime
Risk-free processing of downtime, part-time employment and layoffs
Brief e-mail consultation
3 hours
A detailed opinion on the contractor's form
7 hours
How to register an employee on staff
Choosing a method of registration as an employee under an employment contract, a contractor under a civil law contract or a contract with a self-employed person.
Support of inspections and challenging fines
In accordance with the applicable legislation
Job description
Lawyer's assistance in the development of instructions templates and their correct completion
How to keep employment record books
Consultations on transition to electronic employment record books and introduction of personnel electronic document flow
Non-attendance of employees
Development of an algorithm of employer's actions in case of non-attendance of an employee, preparation of documents
And much more on your request
Examples of business cases
Chain of retail clothing stores
Development of an incentive system for employees of premium and discount stores
Works performed
  • A series of interviews was conducted with the employees of the HR department and the commercial director. During the interview the needs and the planned economic incentive model were revealed
  • Job banding was prepared, incentive methods for each band were described
  • Regulations on salary and incentives for employees of the two store types were developed
  • Planned target forms and calculation forms for work assessment and benefit payment were prepared
  • Procedures for monitoring the quality of work of store employees were described
  • Training of employees on the new incentive model was conducted
  • Local normative acts on bonus awarding have been developed with the forms of accounting documents attached
  • Training of the HR department and store employees on the new incentive scheme was conducted
International manufacturer of musical instruments
Closing the office (show room and operations office for lease of instruments) and dismissal of employees
Works performed
  • An action plan for termination of work and closing of the office was prepared
  • The terms of labor contracts, employees' family status, qualification and performance were reviewed
  • Document packages were developed for different dismissal scenarios
  • Plan and document forms were approved by the headquarters
  • Negotiations were conducted with each employee, documents for dismissal were executed
  • Company liquidation procedure was implemented
  • Office was prepared for closing
  • Employees were dismissed
  • Company was liquidated
An international IT software development company
Support for the processes of relocation and return of employees
Works performed
  • An interview was conducted with the operations director concerning the actual flow of personnel between the group companies.
  • Consultations were prepared for the action plan for employees and employer in case of transferring employees from the Moscow office to offices in other countries or to remote work.
  • A guide for employees was developed with an algorithm of independent actions when changing the country of location, listing deadlines for submitting reports (3-NDFL (personal income tax statements), notifications on opening foreign accounts, movement of cash on them, algorithms for tax conversion, changing the statuses of foreign currency and tax residence, deadlines for paying taxes)
  • Documents for top managements concerning their relocation were prepared
  • Relocation consultations were prepared A guide (instruction) for employees on relocation was developed
  • Documents were prepared for fulfilling the obligations of top managements concerning personal income and foreign accounts
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