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Conducting litigations in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction

Legal representation in court

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Win a case in court and ensure the execution of the court's decision

Assess the prospects of a court case and probability of receiving the awarded money or property
Get qualified assistance to properly protect the interests of business and owners

Professional support in complex issues

Collection of accounts receivable in court
Corporate disputes between shareholders and management
Disputes with tax and customs authorities
Disputes over supply contracts, including those over the conclusion of contracts, obligation to perform the contract, debt collection
Disputes over service contracts, author’s orders, license agreements (including broadcasting operators)
Disputes over lease agreements, including non-conclusion, termination, obligation of performance
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Collection of accounts receivable in court

  • Analysis of case materials
  • Preparation of a pre-trial claim
  • Preparation of a claim or a response to a claim
  • Filing documents to the court, tracking the status of the case, preparation of procedural documents
  • Obtaining a court decision/ruling
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We engage only our own staff employees educated in the country's leading higher education law establishments and with experience in legal and tax consulting